SWTOR US Rakata Mind Prison Republic

<team edward> is an all girls guild looking to break the stereotype on female gamers and on twilight fans. We have decided to open up recruitment to boys, so long as they love twilight.

We’re currently 10/10 nightmare on 8 man in the first tier of raiding, and 4/4 HM in Explosive Conflict. We are looking to expand to 16 man raids, especially now that we have current content cleared on 8 man. Getting more people in should be fun.

We are a semi-hardcore progression raiding guild, with somewhat variable hours dependent on what works for the people who show up, but vaguely following:

8pm PST – 12am PST MWRSu

We have a pretty relaxed atmosphere, but recruits must be willing to learn and take criticism while they’re learning.

We’re aiming to lead the server, and prove everyone wrong who thinks girls can’t play video games ^_^


If you’re interested in applying, please check the recruitment section of the forum