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Rcb1 Commando Male

Postby Rcb1 » Fri Mar 16, 2012 1:29 pm

Do you feel comfortable playing any role/spec?
All but healer

Are you able to be on at 6pm PST and raid for at least 4 hours at least three times a week (out of MTWRSu)?
As long as there's nothing going on at the time, yes.

Approximate FPS and ping in a raid setting?
I'm not sure. I've not done a raid before.

Discuss your previous raiding and MMO experience.
Never done a raid as i said above. I've played Star Wars Galaxies and Star Trek Online. I was a part of some great guilds and always ready to lend a helping hand if need be. I did a lot of PVP and group missions during that time. In STO i played the role of a healer, but wasn't very good at it. I've completed both a 100% and maxed out my characters. What i enjoyed most is the group events, whether it would be PVP, missions or just hanging out.

What have you done so far in SWTOR
So far i've leveled out a Bounty Hunter Mercenary Class. I've completed the main class storylines as well as every side mission with him and have done several dailies on Ilum as well as a lot of PVP. My crew skills included Cybertech, Slicing and Underworld Trading, all maxed out. I've a level 45 commando now on Voss. I've not been able to complete every Heroic due to the lack of players. Again lots of PVP. My crew skills are Armortech, Slicing and Scavanging

Why do you want to raid?
Never done it before and both my guilds that i've been in don't do squat. That and its a team effort. I like teaming up with other players and doing events.

Why should we take you over someone else?
Fernando has recommended me to your guild. I'm not the best player in a group, but do what i can to help.

Please discuss your feelings toward twilight, focusing on your thoughts about edward vs. jacob
LOL! Jacob is obessive and an ass to Edward. What's there not to like about Edward? He's a freakin' Vampire! He can read minds, minus Bella's. Fast, super strong, etc. Who wouldn't want powers like that?
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Re: Rcb1 Commando Male

Postby edward » Fri Mar 16, 2012 4:01 pm

sorry, you skipped a couple questions in the guild, and questions about your times of availability are pretty unclear...

really, what I'm not entirely sure about from your application is are you actually trying to raid? or are you just looking for a guild to hang out in?

Regardless, I'd recommend getting to 50 (I'm pretty sure from your application you're not yet?) and then message me in game and we'll try you out
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