Aldo 50 Commando Application

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Aldo 50 Commando Application

Postby Aldo » Mon Mar 12, 2012 7:48 pm

Apply Accordingly:

23/M/New Mexico

Link primary spec:

Do you feel comfortable playing any role/spec?

I just recently started healing, I enjoy it just as much as DPS so yeah, however I've been playing Gunnery since launch.

Are you able to be on at 6pm PST and raid for at least 4 hours at least three times a week (out of MTWRSu)?

I work 40 hours a week as a server and my schedule changes weekly so I can't guarantee it :( I'd like to though!

Approximate FPS and ping in a raid setting?

I get around 30 on ultra with a pretty low ping. Might get a second GPU soon.

Discuss your previous raiding and MMO experience.

I played WoW since launch for about 6 years. Was in 3 different raiding guids from the original 40 mans to the 25 man heroics. Cleared most if not all content.
Played Planetside for 2 years (looking forward for PS2!) FFXI for a few years.

What have you done so far in SWTOR

I have mainly focused on PvPing, honestly haven't even done a single HM flashpoint or raid, but wouldn't be opposed to doing them.

Why do you want to raid?

I enjoy clearing content with a fun group of people, and enjoy the challenge of new fights regardless of how many wipes it takes.

Why should we take you over someone else?

Because I'm awesome.

Please discuss your feelings toward twilight, focusing on your thoughts about edward vs. jacob.

I like the twilight series. I've watched all of the twilight movies, haven't read the books. I enjoy them and think the story is pretty cool. Except in the last movie when Edward knocks up bella with a mutant vampire baby which turns out to be a cute little girl baby, but her spine snaps and makes the grossest crunch sound as her body falls lifeless on the floor because the baby is slowly sucking all of her nutrients out and she looks like a mixture of the Olsen twins and Kate Moss except more malnourished. That part was pretty gross.
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