Recruitment Guidelines

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Recruitment Guidelines

Postby edward » Wed Feb 01, 2012 8:35 pm

Current Recruitment Needs:
Guardian: Low
Sentinel: Medium
Scoundrel: Low
Gunslinger: High
Commando: High
Vanguard: Medium
Shadow: Low
Sage: Low

Exceptional applicants of any class may apply, but preference will be given accordingly. Every class must be willing and able to play all of its specs if the need arises. You can have a preference, and we'll work with that to the extent we can

Make a topic with your name and advanced class and use the following application

Apply Accordingly:


Link primary spec:

Do you feel comfortable playing any role/spec?

Are you able to be on at 6pm PST and raid for at least 4 hours at least three times a week (out of MTWRSu)?

Approximate FPS and ping in a raid setting?

Discuss your previous raiding and MMO experience.

What have you done so far in SWTOR

Give a short description of your gear:

Why do you want to raid?

Why should we take you over someone else?

Please discuss your feelings toward twilight, focusing on your thoughts about edward vs. jacob.
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